Happy Working, live a happy life, TOCO launches fun game activities

2020-04-23 10:26:43

Because I believe, so see!

Because of sincerity, so eternal!

In order to relieve work pressure, work happily, and live a happy life, on the afternoon of April 18, Dongguan TOCO TransmissionMachinery Co., Ltd.held a fun game activity with a new face.The first is the stunning PK competition between new recruits-shorthand the name of old employees. Start introducing new colleagues to yourself, and then sort them into groups, and new colleagues will shorthand the names of old colleagues.

3. New colleague Chen Yan quickly called out the names and departments of 20 groups of 20 old employees in public to win the championship for the team in one fell swoop. New colleague Shao Liyan quickly called out the names and departments of 19 groups of 19 employees in two groups in public.

Mr. Bruce Lee, the general manager of TOCO company, warmly welcomed the new colleagues to join Tuigao, and gave extremely high evaluation and expectations. I hope that when I join the Tuojia family, I can achieve work while pursuing the happiness of self-development and gaining growth , Gain progress. Work happily and live a happy life at TOCO.

Afterwards, an aggressive tug-of-war game was held, which pushed the event to a climax and fully demonstrated the morale of TOCO people's unity and concentricity. Flying Eagles: Flying Eagle Flying Eagle, soaring into the sky! ! ! Liangjian Team: Liangjian attacked, all the way! ! ! ...... The team name is louder than the slogan, the slogan is better than the cow. The scene makes people feel full of blood. It really shows the spirit of no brothers, no expedition, no struggle and no youth.

Work happily every day and live a happy life! Good health and good mood are the foundation of our lives. It is the source of our driving force. "Think the happiest things, do the hardest work, help the people most in need, and find happiness in work." Happiness stems from your sincere investment in work, which contributes strength and realizes value. This investment is not only a passion, but also a real action.

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