May Day Holiday Notice

2020-04-23 11:06:39

1. May 1st Labor Day holiday is 3 days (May 1st-3rd), May 4th (Monday) to work normally.

2. Please ask the sales department to remind customers and friends to make purchase plans in advance to avoid delays in delivery; inform customers and friends if they need consultation and order assistance during the holiday, please contact our sales staff in time The sales staff's telephone is kept open 24 hours, looking forward to consultation.

3. Please contact the procurement department to contact each supplier for early delivery according to our order to ensure that our company can receive the goods normally.

4. Please ask the R & D and Production Department to reasonably arrange production according to the holiday time to ensure that the delivery is carried out normally.

5. Colleagues, please arrange work life, scientifically do effective personal protection, reduce aggregation, maintain social distance, pay attention to safety, and spend a happy, peaceful and healthy holiday.

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