The leaders of Foxconn Group visit Toco

2017-12-09 09:21:58

The leaders of Foxconn Group visit Toco

The leaders of Foxconn Group visited TOCO for a field visit and business discussion in the afternoon On October 18, 2017 .

The TOCO general manager warmly welcomed the visitors of Foxconn, it made the two sides talk about the long-term and in-depth cooperation.



Take photo with Foxconn leaders

Accompanied by the TOCO general manager , Foxconn Group leaders visited the company's research and development center, processing workshop and so on. Through this visit, Foxconn Group had more comprehensive understanding about TOCO company , and gave high evaluation on the management system, the company strength, product production, processing technology and other aspects.



Processing discussion



Explaining the technologe of straight


Finally, TOCO general manager and Foxconn Group leaders had in-depth talk in the conference room , mutual understanding, which laid a foundation for long-term stable cooperation in the future, also marked popularity of brand TOCO more and more stronger.

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