2017 Wuhan exhibition

2017-12-09 09:14:29

Congratulating Dongguan Toco Linear TechCo.,Ltd on the successful completion of the wuhan international machine tool exhibition



Congratulating Dongguan Toco Linear TechCo.,Ltdon the successful completion of the 6th wuhan international machine tool exhibition in 2017.

The four days of wuhan international exhibition, our company as one of the few transmission parts manufacturers. TOCO booth attracts a lot of attention from domestic and overseas machinery manufacturers.


Beautiful and generous receptionist



Take a photo with polish clients      



In this exhibition, we have reached a cooperation agreement or intention with many customers, and also have friendly exchanges with each other. Not only many new friends, but also learned the latest market of the machinery industry, bring new opportunities for the future development of dongguan Toco.     


Introduce products to customers



Our company hopes to borrow the international exhibition to let more people know about us. Let machinery industry have more choices, more friends; Let our national brand TOCO go further.

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