Welcome Singapore agents visit TOCO

2020-06-08 11:24:09

In recent years, the TOCO brand has continuously optimized product categories, launched new products, promoted sales with brands, innovated and upgraded sales models, strengthened online marketing models, and continuously won the trust of domestic customers and overseas markets with excellent product quality and excellent service. In early June, TOCO brand Singapore agents visited TOCO China headquarters to visit.

Singapore agents visit TOCO product development center

Singapore agent visits TOCO processing workshop

Through this visit, Singapore agents had a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the TOCO brand, and highly appraised and fully affirmed the situation of Tuo Gao's management system, research and development capabilities, product production, processing technology and other aspects. TOCO products are recognized and praised by Singapore agents

The company leaders conducted in-depth talks with Singapore agents to enhance mutual understanding, which laid the foundation for long-term and stable cooperation in the future, and also marked that the TOCO brand's popularity and industry influence will become stronger and stronger!

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