Love donations, warm employees

2020-11-10 11:22:35

It is the dream of each of us to have health and happiness.

When we talk with friends and laugh out loud;

When we are reunited with our family and share our family relationship;

When we work hard and imagine the ideals of life,

Do you know that there is a colleague who is suffering from illness (aortic dissection level III caused by high blood pressure). He uses his meager power to fight against the disease and uses his strength to interpret the meaning of life!

Diseases are ruthless, and there is love in the world.

In order to help Wang Ankun tide over the difficulties, the company organized all employees to donate activities.

The Human Resources Department announced donations for all employees

The general manager addresses the donation activity

Donations from all colleagues in the company

Handover of donations

Donations are limited and love is priceless.

This love donation activity embodies the spirit of solidarity and brotherhood among TOCO employees. "Like a family, like a school, and like an army" is our team goal. TOCO is a big family of harmony and warmth, united as one, caring for employees, treating their employees as relatives, brothers and sisters, caring about their warmth and helping their difficulties. The company hopes that Wang Ankun will recover soon and return to our TOCO family as soon as possible!

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